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UPVC Door Lock Repairs

I am no stranger to UPVC door lock problems. The most common problems are alignment issues and mechanism failures. I am a Sawbridgeworth Locksmith but also attend problems in Bishop Stortford and Harlow.

Multi-Point Lock Gearbox Replacement For UPVC and Composite Doors

Its very common for these multi-lock style door mechanisms to fail at some point. They have a lot of internal moving parts and can often just seem to give up especially if your door has dropped a bit over time and the lock keeps know longer line up with the locking points causing resistance.


We specialise in multi-lock gearbox replacement and find this is very often the most cost effective way of getting your composite door to operate correctly without having to replace the entire strip mechanism. This type of repair replaces the internal mechanism of the multi-lock meaning there is not need to replace the whole unit. We carry many common replacement gearboxes so hopefully we can complete the job in hand on the first visit. If we don't have the correct part we will leave your door secure using other methods until the part arrives normally within 1 day.

UPVC gearbox repairs

Very often just the centre gearbox can be replaced rather than the whole system.

UPVC door mechanism Sawbridgeworth

Adjusting hinges can be a great way to get the door working smoothly again.

anti- snap Euro Cylinders

High security cylinders like these are very hard for a burglar to overcome.

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