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Broken and Replacement Door Handles 

Door handles can wear and can become floppy; they can break completely or simply look old and need replacing for a fresh new look. If this is the case, then call me your local Sawbridgeworth locksmith. I can help with any problems regarding broken door handles. 


Door handles come in all shapes and sizes to fit the application correctly. The pure selection available can be overwhelming but fear not, we have catalogues and can help you select the right replacements As we have trade accounts with all the major UK suppliers we will be able to find the correct handles for you in no time. If we don't already have them in the van we can get them within a few days and install them for you.

Hard to Operate Handles

If your handles become hard to lift up to engage the locking mechanism on the door please don't force them! This will be happening for a reason which more than likely will involve a dropped door or mis-aligned keeps. Forcing the handle will break the mechanism or handles themselves at some point which can leave you in a very tricky spot. We see this all the time and have to replace many mechanism gearboxes or complete strips on composite doors which can be expensive and can be avoided.

If you have a tough stiff handle let us come and take a look before its to late!

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